How to Create an Engaging Tik Tok Video

It’s no secret that Tik Tok is the most exciting social media platform since IG and FB. Between the genius algorithm, the organic exposure, and an overall energy of “realness”, it almost seems like the days of perfectly-styled photoshoots and instagram frustration are over. (Plus, I actually think this app is going to be revolutionary in terms of social change.)

But in order to make the change you want to make or share the genius idea, you have to engage the first viewers in order to get more views. And there’s a few strategies to do that.

Start with Great Content

If you want your video to do well, it has to be one of these:

  • shocking
  • inspiring
  • unusual
  • funny
  • relatable

In other words, it has to evoke some kind of emotion. You could spend literally hours crafting the perfect video, but unless viewers are provoked to share it with a friend or follow you, the video won’t go anywhere. We all have shocking, inspiring, unusual, funny, and relatable content to share! It’s all about finding your voice.

Be Brief

Brevity is the name of the game on Tik Tok. How can you distill your topic down to the most fundamental elements? This is not the place for long-winded backstories, lots of “ums” or pauses, or videos over 40 seconds (especially when you’re just starting out).

Be Quick

And going off of that, how quickly can you share your thought, idea, or skit? The pacing on Tik Tok is *very* fast. If you’re a slower talker like me, cut your thoughts up into different video clips and string them together like this. Leave no dead space! None! I mean it!

Be Empathetic

While you’re recording your video, make sure that each moment contains a compelling reason for people to keep watching. Why should they care? It helps to make the topic more about them than about you. (And besides, the whole point is to share thoughts and ideas that help or entertain other people!)

Be Smart

If you talk a lot about a certain topic or area on Tik Tok (for me, it’s personal development / business / marketing — shocker, I know), follow other people who are talking about the same thing and engage with their content. If the algorithm knows that you’re into the personal development / business world, it will assume that you make videos about those things as well. So when you post a video, it’s more likely to be shown to the right people!

Have Fun!

I’m aware how cliche this sounds, but Tik Tok is supposed to be fun. People can sense energy (whether they know it or not), so when you’re making a video in an attempt to get followers as opposed to actually share something helpful, inspiring, or funny, people can tell. So don’t be a crab and just have fun with it!

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