Why Go With ShowIt?

So, you’ve heard of Squarespace and Wix, but what the heck is ShowIt? Allow me to introduce you to world’s GREATEST website building platform.

(And before we get any further, just know that there is NO conflict of interest here, I make no money from recommending ShowIt over the others. I am just *obsessed*.)

I started my web design journey on Squarespace. As a longtime user, I was attracted to it’s minimalism, ease of use, SEO capabilities, and overall sleek look.

Then, one fateful day, I discovered ShowIt. Within 15 minutes of screwing around on the platform, I KNEW I needed to switch over.

After a few months of experimenting, I decided to add it to my arsenal. I started talking about it in my consultation calls. And as soon as my first client ShowIt site launched, I was immediately booked out for the next four months.

It wasn’t magic, or a sudden increase in my own capabilities. It was the fact that on ShowIt, the creative freedom is unMATCHED, and so I was able to create a site that truly felt like the client and her business.

Spoiler alert: other people noticed, and she saw a huge increase in her business revenue as well.

So without further ado, here are 4 reasons you should build a ShowIt website (or hire someone to help *wink*).

1.) True Aesthetic Freedom

ShowIt is drag and drop. You want a picture to overlap another picture? No problem. You want that text box to span a specific area across the page? You bet. You wanna put your navigation on the side and have it pop open when you click something? Let’s do it.

From video backgrounds, to overlays, to shapes, the customization is out of this world. If you are looking for your site to fully embody your brand (whether it’s artistic, personal, or business), there really is no better option on the market right now than ShowIt.

2.) Mobile Design

In the age of social media, the mobile version of your website matters. (Honestly, it matters even more than your desktop version.)

For context, 85% of my website views are from mobile devices.

On ShowIt, your mobile site gets designed completely separate from desktop so that you can optimize the viewer’s experience no matter how they are viewing it. No more google searches for CSS codes to fix your mobile design! You have 100% control over how it looks and feels.

3.) Responsiveness

If you’ve ever tinkered with your own website, you know how long it takes to get it just right. Which means you also know the feeling of absolute dread and horror when you view it on an iPad and see that all the proportions have been messed up!

Anytime I have designed on other platforms, I have always had to say no to incredibly innovative visual ideas because I knew it wouldn’t scale correctly on iPad.

ShowIt doesn’t have this problem. Since the platform was originally built for photographers (a little history lesson!), they understand and prioritize the importance of proportions.

4.) It’s User-Friendly

I find ShowIt to be eons more intuitive than other website building platforms. While the backend *looks* kind of scary (it’s mostly black and the fonts on the platform itself are kinda *tech-y*), you’ll really get it in no time.

Not to mention — ShowIt has a whole library of how-to videos that explain everything incredibly well. And if all else fails, their chatbot support team cannot be beat.

PS. if you work with me, I will also create you some personalized videos about how to change and do certain things on the site we create together!

So whether you are starting a new service-based business, showing off a creative portfolio, or sharing your ideas with the world, ShowIt is THE way to go.

And if you need some help getting yours set, check out my web design services!


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