hi, i'm

sarah kleist

I'm a ShowIt website designer, actor, TikToker, vocalist, rulebreaker, New Yorker, and the most Taurus-y Taurus you've probably ever met.

If it sounds like a lot, that's because it is. (No shame.) I'm obsessed with telling stories and I'm hellbent on helping you tell yours.

here's the thing—

Theatre & design are the same skill 

in different fonts.

Storytelling, captivating an audience, creative collaboration, voice, tone, engagement, empathy—I mean, need I say more?

Buuuut, when my dad forced me to audition for the school musical at 12 years old because I was spending too much time on the computer, I had no idea it'd lead me straight into a life where I am uniquely qualified to do both. 

(Although looking back, that's honestly too perfect—you really can't make this sh*t up.) 

I've spent 16+ years (and counting!) cultivating the skills to inspire, educate, entertain, engage, show up in service of an audience and make deeper connections. And now, I'm using those skills to help you make an impact, too. Let's do this thing.

one thing about me? i love a stat. here are some of mine.

Happy design clients over the course of 3 years in business



Likes on TikTok—if you're a personal development & goal setting girly, you'll love

Concerts sung at The Green Room 42 in NYC—if you know, you know 😂

that inevitably led me here


And lived my Rachel Berry truth by attending a musical theatre conservatory

Moved to NYC with literally $200 somehow


And, like all actors do, became a full-time auditioner in the city

Started performing professionally (& working as a server)


Because I was (rightfully) upset about how women are portrayed in media

Founded a feminist theatre company


Realized I hated producing and actually just loved building the brand.


And discovered that I loved social media —and was great at marketing!

Started managing my restaurant's Instagram


Pandemic ensued, Broadway shut down, and my restaurant closed... 


And out of sheer boredom, I started designing websites & posting on TikTok to much success

Running a design biz, performing all over the country, and loving life!


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at the end of the day, this is it

you're the lead in your biz & brand story

Not your logo, not your graphics, not your copy, not your website—you.

And your online presence? It's merely your stage—with fancy backdrops, costumes, and lighting.

Now, don't get me wrong—I love all that other stuff. (Gimme a cute dressing room and a fancy microphone setup any day of the week!) But without the heart, soul, and story of the leading player, there's nothing to sell tickets to.

You bring the heart, and I'll bring your spotlight. Applause awaits.



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