You have a killer service, a unique spin on it, and a ton of social proof to back it up. But your greatest selling point? You. Together, let's plan a photoshoot to show the world what you're all about.

brand photoshoot art direction

There's fierce competition in your industry—but they don't have what          got.


Welcome to the age of the personal brand, where showing up as your authentic self is the fastest way to a successful business.

Instagram influencers and TikTok stars make it clear that humanity still craves connection—even in this digital age—which means it's no longer viable to hide behind some beautiful graphics or strategically chosen typefaces. We wanna see YOU!

Luckily, I'm here to help. If planning a photoshoot for your website & socials gives you an existential crisis or leaves you feeling lost & confused, then Brand Photoshoot Art Direction was created for you. Let's get started.

did you know....

of buyers say that photo quality is the most crucial factor in an online sale




say they’re more likely to contact a biz that has an image show up in search results

more views are given to articles & blog posts with relevant images 

hiding behind graphics is no longer an option.

You don't feel seen by your current imagery

so if you're feeling like...

You don’t have photos yet and don’t know where to start

Planning an entire creative vision for a brand photoshoot is not your forté

then this was made for you. ;) 

let's clear something up.

You 100%             do
this yourself. But...


If you're already working with me on brand or
website design, then I've already got a vision for
your site in my brain, with all the ideal shots &
image placements to go along with it.

And even if we're not working together on brand
or web design, working with an art director frees
up your brain from worrying about logistics to
focusing on looking & feeling your best. Not to
mention, it maximizes your time in front of the
camera, so you can get better (and more) shots
from the shoot you're investing in!

client love

"Her ideas and design-driven mind have taken me through                                I would have never been able to reach on my own."

carly valancy  |  course creator


Working with Sarah is a dream come true. She is an expert at what she does because she truly loves it. Sarah not only took my brand photoshoot to the next level, but she worked with me every step of the way to make sure I felt confident and comfortable moving forward.

brand photoshoot art direction includes...

Creative direction moodboard

Where the magic happens. Based on my brand strategy questionnaire & a 30-minute discussion, I'll craft a vision for the shoot via moodboard and refine with your feedback.

photographer & space sourcing

From there, I'll find a photographer and space in your area that meets our creative needs and your budget.

shot & prop lists

A planning guide that lets your photographer know exactly what we need (and lets you know exactly what to bring). 

communication with your photographer

Don't worry about communicating all of these ideas to your photographer, because I gotchu. ;) Just show up and look pretty!

add-on: remote styling

Get styled by Arnold Harper II

To know Arnold is to love him, but to work with him? Even better. 

Arnold has styled actors, musicians, directors, influencers and more. His work has been seen on red carpets, in photoshoots, at Broadway opening nights, in magazine interviews, and even at The Tony Awards.

And now, we're teaming up to bring you on-brand remote styling that match your photoshoot creative direction. Yep, really.

Fierce! Check your email for the link.

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website copywriter

Jenna Pastuszek

vocal coach & performer

custom baked goods

website copywriter

Copy with Spice

Copy with Spice is a freelance copywriting business specializing in—you guessed it—copy with spice. 

When Alethea came to me, she expressed that she felt she felt her energy was in between two visual worlds; 1.) an earthy, grounded, boho type aesthetic and 2.) a more editorial, rebellious, high-end kinda vibe. Adding to that challenge, we both wanted the idea of spice to be represented literally in a way that didn't feel cheesey. 

vocal coach & performer

Jenna Pastuszek

Given Jenna’s high-contrast nature (her energy being both modern and old-timey, bold and kind, down-to-business and friendly) we felt a minimalistic neutral approach with pops of color here and there would communicate it best.

And from there, our color scheme was born; blacks, whites, and beiges to communicate “down-to-biz” with a touch of “old hollywood”, and pops of bright blues and greens to give it a sense of groundedness and approachability.

custom baked goods

Icing on the Cake

At the helm of Icing on the Cake Bakery is Morgan Pahler, who knows enough about marketing to know that personal brands are where it's at.

Unlike most bakeries, Morgan wanted to put herself at the center of her brand. The only non-negotiable request? It MUST utilize purple!

I was stoked to help her plan a mouth-watering photoshoot that enticed her customers, showed the process, and centered Morgan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! The vast majority of my clients live in different states. Plus, the photoshoot guide is so detailed that you and your photographer won't even need extra help day-of. 

While this was created specifically for my design clients, I can work on other people's shoots! Maybe you have a brand and website already, but want to refresh your photos—totally hear you, and I'm down to discuss!

Typically, it takes 1-2 weeks for creative direction & photographer/space sourcing. Then, we're dependent on the photographer's schedule and availability for shoot date and edits.

Helllll yeah! You could even add it on to a DIY template purchase. Photoshoot direction is one of my favorite things to do, and I'm always thrilled to do it. Inquire here!

ready for photos that sCREAM YOU?

Same, bestie. An image speaks a thousand words, as they say, so make sure your images are pulling their weight with Brand Photoshoot Art Direction.

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