Your web designer called,
and she's                  you to ditch
the Pexels stock photos and
overly-posed headshots.

Your web designer called, and she's
                 you to ditch
the Pexels stock photos and overly-posed headshots.

It's me—I'm web designer. And as a brand girly myself, I'm about to say something that might completely shock you: your logo, fonts, and brand colors are only as good as the brand photography you pair it with.

Stick with me and learn how to plan a brand shoot that gets clicks and actually establishes you as a unique & sought-after service provider.


Creative, high-quality photo & video content is like.....            of what makes any online presence actually 

... and here in 2024, defaulting to the stiff, posed, plain-white-studio-laptop-coffee-mug brand photoshoot is no longer cutting it. 

It's time to showcase the true essence and energy of your brand—with creative brand photo & video content that will last you as long as you need it, and a creative methodology you can repeat for every new photoshoot as your biz grows.

don't tell the other designers I told you this, but....


*Not a real stat,  but the goddamn truth

look good.*

Hi, I'm                          —and I've been doing photoshoots since I was

Although let's be so forreal right now—it wasn't until later in life that my photoshoots went from cute to strategic. Despite not being a photographer or videographer myself, though, I've got a pretty unique perspective on this whole brand shoot thing because...

I'm also a brand & web designer.

So not only do I plan creative directions for brands on the regular, but I've used thousands of photos and videos on 150+ client websites. (And trust me—I've seen what works and what doesn't). 

I've planned countless client shoots.

Creative concepts including: inside of grocery stores, in pools with pink floaties, sitting atop grand pianos, covered in cupcake icing, and more.

Aaand, I've been an actor for over 15 years.

But as a theatre girly, being in front of the cam didn't always come easy. I'm teaching you tactical tips I've learned for camera specifically—and since they've worked well enough to get me callbacks for Law & Order, I'm confident they'll work for your biz photo & video shoot too!

a baby.

Sarah Kleist

lmfao @ the parisol ^

in case we haven't met...


brand shoot direction

In this 90-minute masterclass, I'm teaching you how to plan a STANDOUT professional photo & video shoot, become your own creative director, and master your imagery so that your website & socials become both singular and iconic.

In this class, we're covering... 

join me for....

You also get a 

✓ Brand Shoot Checklist
✓ Brand Imagery Questionnaire
✓ Creative Direction Template
✓ Printable Canva Shot List Template
✓ AI Prompts
✓ 30+ Unique Location Ideas
✓ Prop List Categorized by Industry

break the mold →

How to Develop a Creative Shoot Vision

  • How to ideate a shoot concept that captures the true energy of your brand
  • Balancing trends AND timelessness
  • How to plan if you already have professional branding done
  • How to plan if you don't have professional branding done

think strategically →

Strategic Planning & Hiring the Right Creatives

  • Ideal client & competitor analysis
  • Imagery strategy (and how it fits into your macro brand visuals)
  • Developing an actually useful shot list for website, socials, and more
  • Hiring the right photographer & videographer to capture you


All Things: Locations, Props, & MUA

  • Maximize the amount of time and money you’re spending on the shoot
  • Scouting on-brand, creative locations that aren't just a plain white studio
  • Developing a prop list that subverts expectations but fits the vibe
  • Coordinating timelines, and more


Getting Comfy Cozy in Front of the Camera

  • How to be yourself, even if you're shy
  • Camera confidence tricks from the acting industry (that you don't have to be an actor to find useful)
  • Pre-shoot musts to make your life much easier the week and day-of
  • ... and more!

notion dash with...

— Marta Fieweger

"Sarah is warm, genuine and generous (in addition to being                                                                        and design sharp), and she's willing to share that with whomever is smart enough to learn from her.

"Sarah is warm, genuine and generous (in addition to being

and design sharp), and she's willing to share that with whomever is smart enough to sign up for her mentorship.

People spend a lot of time searching for education–I know I have–and it's often impossible to find. And then you find Sarah, who restores and amplifies your faith in both creativity and humanity."


—belle brown

"Sarah is an expert voice of experience and authenticity. I am 
                           in my business vision.

"Sarah is an expert voice of experience and authenticity. I am                                 
                       in my business vision.

Sarah is amazing, genuine, and knowledgable. Sarah addressed all my questions and gave me invaluable insight regarding what to expect as well as tips that I can apply immediately."



—julia marks

"Sarah helped me realize things I
would have thought of. She helped me feel confident in my new approach for my brand. Highly recommend!"

"Sarah helped me realize things I             
would have thought of. She helped me feel confident in my new approach for my brand. Highly recommend!


Planning a                                          brand shoot is one of the           marketing tasks that absolutely
                 your involvement & creative direction.

let me just cut right to the chase—

It's a re-occurring expense: AKA, you need a new one every year(ish) to stay relevant and have new content to use.

Personal brands are  the future  the now.  So not only do you have to plan it, you have to be IN it! 

Brand shoots are an investment—money, time, and emotional labor. So it's important to get the most useable content out of it.

The vast majority of photographers won't (and can't) help you with the planning. This job will pretty much alllllways fall on you.

And not only that, but...

strategic & siiiiickk



TL;DR: learn this skill now and use it for                                  because the methodologies I'm teaching are designed to be repeated through                                                             

TL;DR: learn this skill now and
use it for                               
because the methodologies I'm teaching are designed
to be repeated through

years to come,

every new era of your brand.



is right for you if...



is         for you if...


You've had a brand shoot before, but feel like it didn’t make as much of an impact on your biz visuals as it should have—or you didn’t love how the photos turned out in the end

You've never had a brand shoot and know deep down that being stuck behind your graphics and stock photo memberships is holding you back from making a real impact & income

You feel like you're "not a visual person” so you “couldn’t possibly plan” something like this. Or, you get too overwhelmed with the logistics and decisions and need a streamlined process. 

You're a brand shoot QUEEN and people are already gooped and gagged by your brand's unique imagery on the regular

You're a creative freelancer or business owner who is adamantly against being the face of your business or establishing a personal brand

You genuinely love your coffee mug stock photos. (Cuz if you love it, then that's genuinely all that matters!)

i have an a.

have a Q?

Yes! It's yours to keep for ever and ever, regardless if you come to the live masterclass or not. (However, I do reccommend coming live if you can, because I'll be answering your specific questions at the end!)

Yuuuurp. I'll be guiding you through my process for planning both static content AND brand video.

YES. Spoiler alert: it is my belief that your first business investment should be a brand photoshoot. (Yes, before logo & branding, before website, before everything.) So YES, this is perfect for you.

This masterclass will focus heavily on service-based businesses, but most of the methodologies I'm teaching can be applied to other business structures, too. So, although I won't be focusing on product-based businesses, most of it will be applicable.

Nope! I am teaching you how to plan an iconic brand shoot with AND without professional branding, so no matter where you are in your business, you'll have a game plan that works.

you. me. 90 mins. checklists. templates. notion hub.

You'll leave our time together with the knowledge and know-how to create, plan, and execute your own unique shoot direction, get the biggest bang for your brand shoot budget, and keep your imagery fresh, relevant, and authentic as the years pass and your business evolves.

& everything i know about shoot planning.

you in? oorrr.....

recieve everything immediately upon purchase!

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