With my Website-In-A-Day service, you can have a beautiful new website launched within 8 hours, check it off your endless to-do list, and finally start selling your services.

yep, really.

Finally—something good, fast,


Let's face it. Design can be expensive. (And as a designer, there's good reason for that—custom design projects take a lot of time and expertise to nail.)

While crafting intentional, custom, and strategic marketing visuals will always be worth the price tag, I also know that not everyone has the budget to get their business rollin'. (And as someone whose business started in her bedroom during a global pandemic, I feel that sooo hard.)

Everyone deserves to have a website that makes them feel like main character of their own story, that they feel proud to show off, and that helps their services fly off the shelves.

That's why I created Website in a Day.


it's possible, folks!!!

Website in a day


Quick turnaround, quality design, and the solution to every groan you've ever had about starting (and finishing) your ShowIt website.

i know what you're gonna ask.

"Okay, but wait... is
this              possible?"


Yes, it is. Using a template of your choice as my
overall guide (plus some custom sections &
elements as I see fit for your business), we can
get you going in just 8 hours.

As long as you have a general sense of the
vibe you want to go for, professional photography,
and availability to answer my questions day-of,
this package is for you!

a typical


website in a day

before we begin

Gather Your Content! Armed with my comprehensive onboarding checklist, you’ll answer my brand strategy questionnaire and gather your website content before we begin.

9am, the kickoff meeting

It's go time. We’ll hop on a call to chat about you, your business, your vision, your hopes, your dreams, and everything in between.

by 11am

Time for our first check in! By 11am I'll provide a homepage draft based on your content and our conversation. You'll give me feedback, and I'll revise!

by 3pm

Check in number 2! We're making big progress and should be all done with the desktop version of your website by this time.

by 5pm 

Check in number 3! By 5pm, I'll have made any necessary revisions to the desktop and optimized the mobile version. You'll provide final feedback during this stage.

by 6pm 

Time for domain hookup & any other integrations. At the very end, I'll hand it off to you to input the copy before you publish.


Time to take your bow (and your spotlight!) I'll send you off with some personalized videos showing you how to do upkeep on your new website.

Fierce! Check your email for the link.

read the reviews

"Usually when you sign up for quick-turn projects you sacrifice quality, and I can tell you that is 100%                                    from the truth with Kleist Creative.

the farthest thing

abbey & courtney  |  duo collective marketing agency

Every time we work with Sarah we are in awe of what she can accomplish in a single day. Know that if you sign up for a website in a day with Sarah you are getting a freakin' steal of a deal! You are getting speed, quality and an all around enjoyable experience. So... RUN and snag your spot now! You won't regret it!"

"We had our first chat at 9:00 am to discuss ideas and the direction I wanted to go, and by 11:00 am I was                  crying with joy over the homepage she sent over.



It was stunning! I was beyond excited and so thrilled with what she had done. And it just got better as the day went on. I am so grateful to Sarah and know this is going to be so impactful for my business, I can't wait to see how my business grows!

"I've been in business for 10+ years and I can honestly say this is the first time I really feel like my website is            representative of me.


julie greer  |  wedding & brand photographer

Working with Sarah has truly been such a dream. Her workflow process was so easy to understand and she took my ideas and made everything so clear and beautiful. It was beyond what I had even imagined. Her ability to really get to know you and then put that into your website for others to see, is crazy amazing!

"She took my ideas, created the perfect layout, and checked off all the items I wanted to incorporate into my website

in one day!

kari beckett  |  interior designer

Working with Sarah was such a great decision. She is fun to work with and has awesome ideas. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to work with her again in the future on other projects."

"The work that she was able to knock out in one day is             astonishing and I cannot believe I waited so long to reach out and get this project going.


tara fust  |  interior designer

She’s creative, talented, and knows how to translate ideas and concepts into a design that’s not only engaging, but truly reflects our aesthetic and brand. Working with Sarah is a dream!"

the portfolio

Scroll through the gallery to see a few of my favorite websites, created in a day!

Alternatively, you can see my entire design portfolio by hittin' that button below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I design on ShowIt -- You've probably heard of Squarespace and Wix, but ShowIt is the best website building platform on the planet. The creative freedom is unmatched, which means we can tailor your site to your brand (instead of the other way around). And it's literally drag and drop (with no code!), so it's easier for you to update yourself than any of its competitors! Plus, it looks great on all devices.

If you're curious whether or not ShowIt might be right for you, check out this blog post I wrote about ShowIt vs. Squarespace, or this blog post about why ShowIt is the Greatest Ever.

Yes! The biggest difference between the VIP Day service and any of my other packages is that the VIP Day is designed for us to provide each other concepts and feedback in real time. (That's how the magic happens.) This doesn't mean you have to be glued to your phone or computer for 8 straight hours, but you definitely do need to be available.

Just design, no copy—however, I do help with website content structure, so I will help you decide which kinds of content should go where, and in what order.

Alternatively, you can work with a copywriter beforehand, OR (my favorite option), hire my fave copywriter to work alongside me!

I'm pretty damn good at project management, so if I put it on the list, I'm sure to get it done! However, in the rare case that I bite off more than I can chew, I always finish up the rest of the discussed tasks within the week at no extra charge.

Note: this only applies if I overpromise and underdeliver. It does not apply if you fail to provide necessary materials or feedback within a timely manner. In that case, you can simply book another VIP Day and we can finish then!

Anything more than 7-8 pages might require a bigger service, which is exactly why my template customization service exists. If you're unsure, reach out and we can chat more about what kind of project your new website would fall under!

Absolutely! If we use one of my templates, it comes free of charge with the service.

However, I am more than happy to customize a different template from a different shop for you as well. (Other templates do not come included, so that would be a separate purchase.)

Fun fact—I'm a Tonic Site Shop Design Partner, so I'm one of their trusted go-tos for design!

I basically don't use the bathroom for 8 straight hours. 😂

Okay, I'm kidding—but I do order Postmates for lunch so that I don't have to do any cooking, and I'm great at hyperfocusing when I get on a roll with something. I truly get in the zone, and the deep sense of accomplishment and satisfaction I get after I design an entire website in one day makes it all worth it!

Ready to get STARTED?

What a coincidence, me too! Hit that button below to start the conversation about your Website in a Day project. I can't wait to get you on my calendar!

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