February 28, 2022

If I had a nickel for every time a client of mine said something like “I just don’t have any good about page ideas for my website”, I would be a very rich lady.

About pages are weird. Most people don’t like theirs—including me, sometimes. But in general, we love to look at other people’s. So much so, actually, that the dreaded about page is usually one of the highest visited pages on any given website.

We love to know about, but we hate to tell people about. It’s stupid. 😂

Now, I’m not a copywriter, so I don’t have many specific tips for writing about yourself (without hating your entire life). But as a website designer and storyteller in general, I do know a thing or two about effective content sections that make up a great about page—especially for creatives, entrepreneurs, and personal brands.

Let’s dive in.

The Part Where You Tell Us About You

Whatever you do, bestie, don’t make it boring.

I hesitate to even call this section a “bio”, because it really should not be a bio at all. Every successful about page tells a story—and the story you tell depends on whatever context would be most helpful for your audience to know.

For example; my whole brand leans into the idea that I am also a performing artist, so if you work with me on a website design project, I’ll be using my theatrical skills to help you cultivate the “digital stage” of your dreams.

Given that, I knew that my about page was going to have to tell a story that demonstrates why theatre and website design are the same skill. (And I think I did that! You can read it and tell me if you agree. 😉

Pro tip: You’ve really struck gold on this section if you can find a few places to intertwine some personal information into your story—where you live, your Starbucks order, your favorite thing to do on the weekends, etc.

Here are a few about pages that tell a good ass about page story:

Between the Lines Copywriting

Savannah Meikamp

Duo Collective Marketing

The Part Where You Humblebrag

Now, don’t get it twisted—the humblebrag is an incredibly important part of any about page. However, let’s not be aggressively obnoxious. 😉 Luckily, there’s a couple ways to do a humblebrag that both proves your expertise and provides more context about you and your services.

Featured Press

Perfect for the established creative entrepreneur with features in major publications. Alternatively, if your clients are successful people, you could create a “clients featured in” section for a similar effect.

Featured Podasts

Been on a podcast or two lately? Create a section just for them! People love a podcast—and if the goal of an about page is to connect, I can’t think of a better way to connect with someone than by listening to their voice for 20+ mins.


Who said testimonials were only for the services page? Not me! Testimonials are great to sprinkle into an about page, especially the ones that speak specifically to your character or talent.


I saw this on a photographer website one time and loved it. The section basically started with something along the lines of “My biggest strengths include…” and then had rotating answers like “bringing out the best in people”, “finding the best natural light”, etc.


Have some impressive numbers to share? We love a stats section. Even if you don’t have a ton of impressive statistics, you could mix one or two impressive stats with one or two “fun” ones. See an example on my about page.

The Part Where You Demonstrate Your Professionalism

Here’s a few classic about page ideas that, when done correctly, can be absolute bangers.

Mission Statement / Why

Be careful with this about page idea because it can quickly turn dry and corporate-feeling. However, for the right kind of business, a mission statement section makes perfect sense. Use wisely. 🙂

Meet the Team

Have a whole team? Give them a little stage time on your about page! It’s always fun to include photos and a small bio for each person in these sections. Here’s a great example of one that doesn’t feel too stuffy.

The Part Where You Show Us Your Personality

So many ideas for this section, so little time. Here are a bunch of different sections you could incorporate to your about page for an extra level of personality and connection.

Fun Facts / Favorites

We love a fun facts section. While it definitely has the potential to be overdone these days, a fun facts section remains a great option because the facts themselves will always be so unique. I’m a fan.

A Filled in Quiz / This or That

Another cute idea for an about page—creating some sort of “quiz” where you show your answers is super fun for the right kind of business or creative.

Inspired By….

Listing your creative inspirations is a great way to connect with your audience while also tell us the kind of work you want to be doing. I have one of these sections on my about page—check it out here!

True and False Game

It depends on your web designer and the platform you’re using, but a game is suuuuch a fun addition to an about page. Check out the one I did for Social HQ at the bottom of her about page!


A fan favorite. Building out a section for your favorite quote is a great way for us to learn about you and potentially be inspired in the process. However, beware of being “basic” with this section—only do this if your quote is really good and/or unique 🙂


If you work in an industry with super specific terms or jargon, you might consider a small glossary! This kind of thing would work especially well for small business lawyers or accountants.

The Part Where You Lead Us Elsewhere

By the time someone gets to the bottom of your new-and-improved about page, they’ll probably be thinking “wow, this person is really freaking cool!”

Love that for you. But now what?

Inspire them to keep exploring, bestie! Here are a few sections you could add to the end of your about page to drive traffic elsewhere.

A Call to Action: Work With Me

Probably most common and important is a call to action that says something to the effect of, “hey, now that you know a little more about me, let’s work together! Here’s how I can help.”

Newsletter Signup

Alternatively, if you have an active email list, you could use the bottom of your about page to say “hey, now that we’re friends, let’s be pen pals too”.

Favorite Blog Posts

Another great way to end an about page is with a section for favorite blog posts. You could even get more specific with these and feature some that are more personal, more lifestyle, and/or provide even more context about you. It IS an about page, after all!

Want Even More About Page Ideas? Simply Pay Attention!

80% of my website content knowledge has come from paying attention to the structure of websites that I’ve found on the internet. So if you’re ever feeling stuck, the best advice I have for you is to ride an internet rabbit hole until you find your inspiration.

While I can’t promise you’ll ever be obsessed with your own about page, I can promise that the more you lean in, the more effective it will be.

Happy writing!

Hi, I'm Sarah Kleist.

Brand & web designer, personal brand strategist, and marketing educator obsessed with the power of connecting with audiences.



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