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3 Great Biz TikToks I Saw in July 2022 (and Why They Work)

Aaaaaand, welcome back to installment 3 of my Great Biz TikTok series, where I show you a few examples of recent TikToks I loved and what makes them viewable and shareable!

(Because every day, I see business owners—both online and offline—confused and overwhelmed by short form video content. But it doesn’t have to be this way!)

Buuuut, before I begin, I wanted to share a podcast episode I recorded with two of my favorite brand-builder & SEO queens, Duo Collective! They have a podcast called Duo on Air, and they invited me a few weeks ago to come chat with them about all things TikTok. So, if you’re hungry to learn more beyond this blog post, give it a listen! (I also have a free 60 minute webinar that goes over all things TikTok algorithm, so, you may also want to tune into that.)

ANYWAY, enough about all that. Here are 3 fave biz TikToks I saved this week for inspo & why I think they work. Let’s dive on in!

A Forgetful Announcement by @DrinkSpindrift

I don’t often talk about big or (even medium-sized brands) in this series—mainly because they’re rarely good at TikTok. BUT I saw a great one by the sparkling drink company Spindrift that I thought was really cute and clever. Spindrift, if you don’t know, is a sparkling water company that uses real fruit juice to sweeten and flavor their waters.

Here’s What Works

At 35K views, this TikTok isn’t VIRAL. Buuuut, I think it has a really cute idea for a smaller brand or soloprenuer. (I even saved this for myself, so don’t be shocked if you see me doing it in the next few weeks.)

Essentially, in this video, you see a gal holding up paper signs to announce their new variety pack. (It reminds me of the movie Love, Actually, which initially got me to stop my scroll.) Then, they humanize the brand by saying something along the lines of… “We forgot to come up with a plan to announce it, so this is it. This is the announcement.” (And whether you believe that or not, there’s something down-to-earth about them saying so.)

Just when you start to get bored of the paper signs concept, you notice someone behind her, waving their hands in different directions to convey the message of the screen. It’s really theatrical, and when I noticed it, I thought to myself “oh that’s so cute!” 10/10 for cleverness.

Bath Accessories by @thewaterslyde

This one is a little NSFW, but we’re all adults here, right!? 😅

Loveability is a health and wellness brand whose tagline on Instagram reads “body-safe products for your sexual health and happiness”. And this TikTok of theirs? It has 1.5 million views, and it doesn’t even have any text or speaking. Just a comment section full of “girls who get it” and “men who don’t”.

Here’s What Works

Incredible music choice, a suggestive movement of the hand at the end, and showcasing their product BRILLIANTLY. It just goes to show, you don’t need to be salesly to sell. I can’t stop wondering how many they sold.

Save the Date Newspapers by @theceremonyclub

This TikTok has 614K views, so it’s safe to say it turned some heads! The Ceremony Club sells “wedding graphic design services for the It Girl”, which, in my opinion, is the PERFECT tagline to accompany a video like this one.

Here’s What Works

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about product packing videos in this series, but if you run a product based biz that you pack and ship yourself, you seriously need to hop on this.

The thing that works so well about this one in particular (besides the concept of a Save the Date newspaper in the first place—definitely want this for my future wedding!) is the lighting. She’s feeding into the “it girl” golden hour sunlight-through-a-window vibe. So not only does the product scream “it girl”, but the video, too. And while I don’t believe you need immaculate lighting to do well on TikTok, it never hurts to have.


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