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5 Reasons ShowIt is the Best Website Design Platform Ever

Has your life ever been changed by a Facebook ad?

Mine has.

Two years ago, while I was on a quick lunch break from designing a website on Squarespace, I happened upon a Facebook ad for ShowIt—a drag and drop website platform that I had never heard of before.

Of course, as any sane person does, I scrolled past it and never thought about it again.

Until it popped up again.

And again.

….and again.

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I needed to know what this platform was all about! So, I clicked, made a free trial account, and the rest was history.

It may seem like I’m being dramatic, but it’s true; ShowIt is the best website design platform for service-based businesses. And in this blog post, I’m gonna tell you all about why.

**Note: This blog post is not sponsored at all. I’m just a girl gushin’ about my favorite website platform.

The Creative Freedom is Unmatched

You can do anything—and I truly mean anything—on ShowIt.

Whether you’re hiring a designer to create the website of your dreams, or looking to put a DIY site together, ShowIt websites are consistently the best.

(And actually, anytime I find myself on an internet rabbit hole and stumble upon an absolutely gorgeous website, it’s almost always a ShowIt site.)

Unlike other platforms like Squarespace (or similar), ShowIt’s drag-and-drop capabilities make it so that you or your designer can do just about anything.

Looking for some examples? Head on over to my client showcase to see all the different ways you can utilize this platform to create the website of your dreams.

Looks Great on Every Device

“Yeah, I know that one part looks weird on mobile. The problem is that if I use code here, it’s going to be hard for you to update yourself. But it’s up to you!”

^^^ When I designed on Squarespace, some version of those words would come out of my mouth during every single client project.

At the time, I remember thinking to myself that it shouldn’t have to be this way. Like, we’ve sent sh*t to Mars—hasn’t technology advanced enough?

And fortunately it has. It’s called ShowIt.

According to statistics, more than 50% of website traffic comes from mobile devices now. Which means that if the mobile version of your website is not up to par with desktop, you are losing more than half of your potential clients and customers. Like… what!?

On ShowIt, you can design your website one way on desktop, and another way on mobile. And there’s complete control. None of this ~sacrificing something on desktop because it looks weird on mobile~ or vice versa.

With ShowIt, you can have your cake, and eat it too.

Easy for Clients to Update Themselves

If you’ve ever had your website professionally designed, then you might have experienced the feeling of overwhelm when you need to change something small.

“I don’t wanna mess something up! I just wanna change a small thing!”

This problem doesn’t exist with ShowIt, because it is incredibly easy to change stuff around. (And a quick plug for my services here: when you work with me, you get a personalized video training going through each page of your website and how to update stuff yourself so that you don’t ever have to pay me to make edits.)

You can rest assured that you have all the power to run the business you want to, and make changes & updates at your leisure.

Incredible Customer Support

Perhaps my favorite part about ShowIt is their customer support. ShowIt is still a small biz themselves, & they’re run by an incredible team down in Phoenix, AZ.

Their customer support chat line is unmatched in the design space—there’s no robots to give you run-of-the-mill answers to your burning questions. Just real humans, who are reading your message & responding with helpful answers.

And in case their library of help documents can’t help you, they’re there with bells on (and even some cute/funny gifs, sometimes).

A Tight-Knit Community of Creatives

And if having a gorgeous website (on both mobile and desktop) with all the confidence in the world to update it yourself wasn’t enough, ShowIt has the best community on the planet.

From Facebook groups dedicated to ShowIt Users (where people are *actually* helpful and kind), to their new Spark Business Conference for Creatives, joining ShowIt feels like joining an intentional & gracious online community.

Highly reccomend!

TL;DR—If You Don’t Use ShowIt, You Should Switch. Like… Now.

I said what I said.

And if you’re looking for a designer, I’d love to help.

Hey, I'm Sarah Kleist.

Brand builder, website designer, and performing artist on a mission to help creatives and business owners step into their digital spotlight.


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