My FAVEEEEE topic—personal development! Read all about different strategies to get 1% better every day, including goal setting, habits, routines, organization, and more.

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If there’s one thing that has fundamentally changed the way I think about business, creativity, artistry, and mindset, it’s reading. I owe so much of my growth and success to the books I’ve stumbled upon over the years, penned by brilliant authors who have dedicated their lives to these various topics. These books have been […]

Meanwhile, backstage....

i'm sarah kleist.

I'm an actor, vocalist, brand builder and website designer—I know, it gets wild around here.

Long story short, I started my design & marketing business in a desperate attempt to satiate my creative boredom at the beginning of the pandemic, but when word got out, my business blew up into a whole thing! Now, I split my time between brand & website design for creative entrepreneurs and performing in theatrical productions around the country.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, performing artist, or just a nosy Nancy on the internet, I created this blog as a resource for a few things I've learned along the way.

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