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Whether it's online, onstage, or on-camera, I'm in the business of telling stories. How can I help you tell yours?


I'm Sarah Kleist.


In the old days, (and by that I mean… 5 years ago…) it was looked down upon to try to do anything additional to your arts career. All of us who went to college for theatre heard at least one teacher say “if you think you could enjoy doing anything else as much as theatre, do that instead”.

So, now that most of us have grown out of that problematic and limiting belief, many artists are looking to expand their horizons and expertise. Whether it’s coaching, teaching, web designing (*smirk*), course creating, social media management, copywriting, virtual assisting, etc., performers are really out here right now.

behind the CURTAIN

I'm a New York City based web designer, zillenial (YES, I'm very much on the cusp), performing artist, and Tik Toker.

I'm on a mission to help you realize your potential through the power of great online storytelling.

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I'm Sarah Kleist.



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